8.1 Making the case for responsible data management

Think about your institution. Now grab a piece of paper, take 2 minutes and write down all relevant internal and external policies you need to take into account to develop a more systematic implementation of responsible data management (if you have done session 4, you have probably already written down some of these policies). Then write down who in your institution is responsible for the policy, or who is the point of contact.

What Responsible / Point of Contact
External policies i.e. local open data strategy
Internal policies i.e. internal data sharing guidelines

Now take 4 minutes to write down the relevant internal stakeholders you need to involve when thinking about a new responsible data policy. The people you mentioned in the table above might be relevant. Try also to take a look at the organigram of your institution. Probably their are also key figures outside of your institution, i.e. working for a partner institution, you would like to mention.

Note that there might be relevant people with technical knowledge, such as the data protection officer, the expert on Freedom of Information, or someone very knowledgeable or very enthusiastic about the issue from the technology department. There are other people that are relevant because they have decisive power, and no plan or idea will be realised without their buy-in, for example the head of the apartment.

Individuals / Stakeholders
Decisive Power
Technical Expertise