7.4 Digital security guidelines in your organization

We have looked at the different digital security elements and have touched upon some basic digital hygiene practices, such as passwords, access controls and separation of data. Now, let’s link these issues to the organizational context you are working in.

Let’s start with an exercise: Find the data management, data integrity or digital security guidelines of your organization. If your organization doesn’t have a digital security guideline, please read through this policy of the City of Chicago, US. Read them and answer the following questions:

● Do you comply with all the digital security guidelines of your organizations? If not, what do you do differently?
● What are the key points you take away from these digital security guidelines?
● Do you know who is responsible for the implementation of these guidelines? If yes, go and talk to them and ask them what the biggest organization digital security challenges are.
● Does your organization offer training or other support on digital security?