7.1 Exercise

Today’s session will start with passwords, your first line of defense against unwanted eyes looking into your data. Make a mapping for yourself! First draw this table on a piece of paper and then look at the questions below to fill out the table.

Q1: Password Q2: Last changes Q3: Guess how long it takes to break Q4: Length it will take to break

Please make sure that nobody else can see the sheet of paper and that you destroy it after the exercise so that no-one can read what you wrote down.

For the first column think about: 1.How many different passwords do you have for your work activities. Think of for example, a password to log into your computer, the cloud or shared drives, your phone, and maybe even the building.
In case you cannot recall the passwords that you use in your organization write down passwords you use in your private life (i.e. for your mailing service, social media account, banking app, and random services such as a shopping application).

Second column: 2. When was the last time you changed these passwords and why? (i.e. does your organization have a system where you have to change your passwords every month or 3 months).

Third column: 3. How long do you think it will take someone to break these passwords?

Fourth column: 4. Take one of you passwords and create a similar one. For example if you password is NiceSummer2018! try NiceWinter2016?. Then go to this website and enter in the new but similar to your normal password. Please note that you should NOT use your normal password. So, what does the platform say, how long would it take to crack this password?

Do you need to strengthen your passwords? It is recommended that passwords or passphrases are unique (a unique password for every account), long, complex, not personal, secret, fresh (change them from time to time), and practical. As you probably have over 20 accounts it might be difficult to remember all of them, therefore it is recommended to use a password manager. To know more about strong passwords and password managers read through this tutorial.

Find out how you can increase your privacy and security.
Increasing your privacy

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