3.5 Recap

Today’s questions on data collection, processing, storing and sharing, walked you through a Privacy Impact Assessment. Understanding how data is used, transformed and accessed will allow you to make informed choices on privacy and data protection. It is the first step in Responsible Data Management. If this session helped you to systematically think through the data processing elements of your project, think about doing a Privacy Impact Assessment with your team. Here you can download the Privacy Impact Assessment Template.

Find out more about Privacy Impact Assessment

You might be also interested in conducting a process map with your team before starting a new project as it will help you to contextualize and understand the data you will be generating throughout the project. You can, download this Process Map and its explanation here.

Are you a Data Protection Officer in a city or municipality and looking for a PIA checklist, have a look at the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office Data Protection Impact Assessment checklist.

Or register on the platform of New Zealand’s Privacy Office to conduct the exercises on “A Guide to Privacy Impact Assessments” (there are also other practical exercises that might be useful for you, just take into account that these tools are based on the local legal context of New Zealand and hence might not always apply to your context)