3.1 How are you processing data?

We start today’s session by exploring one of your data or innovation projects. Think of one data and technology project you are involved in and write down the answer to the following questions:

  1. What data is collected in the process? Does this personal data or sensitive personal data?
  2. Which data processing actions are happening? Which data is used for each of these processes?
  3. Data has different values and poses different risks to different actors involved or affected by the data processing. Identify one value and one risk for the following actors in the context of your project (you can draw this little table on a sheet of paper):
  4. Where is this data stored? (I.e on internal servers, in the cloud)
  5. Are there any guidelines on how long this data will be stored for?
Value Risk
For you
For your department
For your city or municipality
for citizens

Potential values might be to get better insight into fenome, to stimulate engagement with citizens or other stakeholders, to position yourself or your apartment as innovative, to improve policies, to give citizens a voice, to get insights into government decisions etc.

Potential risks might be reputational damage within the institution, reputational damage towards citizens, losing trust of citizens, legal risks including fines, lack of usage, risks to privacy, risk to life.

If you want to know more about assessing risks have a look at the session 2.