2.1 What data are you processing?

We all work with data. You might be working with small data, big data, sensitive data, aggregated or public data. Prior to assessing the risks associated to the data you work with, start this session by mapping the data you process. Grab a piece of paper, redraw this matrix and answer the following questions.

We added an example of how you could fill out the matrix. The matrix is also available here as a PDF form: Data Processing Form

What data do you process? Example: Tax Data
Where is it stored? On our department’s server
Who has access to it? Our departments and authorized agencies such as the ministry of economics; the data is also shared in an anonymized format with the national Institute of Statistics
Is it personal, sensitive or non-personal data? Personal data
How important is it to keep it secure? (i.e. Not, Semi, Very important) Very important
Are you taking any measures to protect the data? I.e. separating data, anonymizing data Other authorities only have restricted access with audit trails to see who accessed the data
How long do you need to retain it? 10 years