1.5 Data Protection Guidelines in Your Work

This session has looked at the data that you generate or that is generated about you as an individual and have touched upon some basic frameworks, such as privacy and data protection. Now, let’s link these issues to your professional work and your involvement in innovation or data management in the city context. Let’s finish this session by looking at the data protection guidelines of your office. Find the policy, read them and answer the following questions:

● What are the key points of your data guidelines?
● Who is responsible for the implementation of these guidelines?
● Does your organization offer training or other support in data protection?


Today we have made an inventory of data that is publically available about you and your organization. We looked at concepts of privacy, data protection and responsible data management. And ended with examining the data protection guidelines of your organization. This is the first step in responsible data management. In the next sessions we will look at risks assessment and privacy impact assessment, after which we turn to data management through anonymization and consent and the data security components of privacy.