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eLearning Course

Responsible Data Management eLearning for Cities and Municipalities

Welcome to the data protection training of GIZ! This training will provide you with practical information about responsible data management for your data and innovation projects.

Data and data driven innovation offer huge opportunities for cities and municipalities. Simultaneously we see an increasing number of cases where data has been misused, caused unintended harm, or spurred irritation among citizen. How can the great potentials of data be utilized while at the same time protecting citizens’ rights and to that end the reputation of cities, municipalities and public institutions? The aim of the course is to raise awareness about good data handling practices that integrate principles of data protection and fairness in your work and in the design of innovation projects. To that end, the training is of use to anyone in your city department that is involved in innovation projects, open data practices, data-driven projects or civic technology.

Participating in this course will allow you to

  • unpack basic concepts like data, data protection and privacy and make it relevant for your work,
  • increase knowledge about data protection mechanisms,
  • gain practical understanding of the tools and techniques for responsible data management in data-driven innovation project,
  • Learn from examples of other cities and other relevant contexts.

Please note that this training is not about legal compliance, hence it will not substitute a compliance process of your data practices. This course is also not an organizational security course to harden your digital infrastructures. It is designed to enable you to integrate privacy, data protection and fairness in your data and innovation projects.

Course details

This course aims to integrate responsible data management into the work of urban practitioners at cities and municipalities. It contains 8 sessions that cover:

  • Introduction to data and Data Protection frameworks
  • Identifying risks associated to data processing
  • How to do a Privacy Impact Assessment
  • What is responsible data management
  • Step 1: De-identification and anonymization of data
  • Step 2: Consent and proactive communication
  • Step 3: Access controls and data management
  • Step 4: Identifying needs to move forward with implementing responsible data

You can choose to start with the introduction and chronologically continue with each session till you have finished the entire course. While we encourage you to start from the beginning and do all sessions in order to get a more holistic idea of the principles of responsible data management, you also have the possibility to only do specific sessions you are particularly interest in.


Each session will walk you through one of the topics and offers exercises, presentation, quizzes and videos.

Please note that it is possible to save your progress in the training at any time by clicking on the Chain Link Icon at the top right of the page and taking note of your personal link.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the programme for?
The course is directed at staff that works at the intersection of innovation and data in city and municipal governments, but it is generally open to anyone interested in responsible data handling. Functional and cross-functional teams are encouraged to attend together, to accelerate the learning process.

When does the course start and finish?
The course is a self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Do I have to pay for this course?
No, this course is offered to you free of charge by GIZ.

Will I get a certificate?

Do I need anything to participate?
No, you only need access to internet, pen and paper. If you have a printer available that can be useful but if not that’s no restriction.