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The Digital Solutions

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THE Digital Solutions

The Digital Solutions are real-world implemented solutions that tackle climate change in cities. Under this section you will find rolled-out digital solutions that can be transferred and customized to other international urban contexts.

Árbol IoT

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@GUADALAJARA, MEXICO // Árbol IoT is a collaborative platform to crowdsource field data about urban trees and monitor their environmental impact. Composed by a Mobile and Web App and a network of low-cost do-it-yourself environmental sensors, it aims to develop an easy to update Urban Tree Inventory, rise citizen awareness and assist a public decision making based on evidence.


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@TRUJILLO, PERU // Aylludamos is a mobile App for citizens to contact their family members after heavy storms and heavy rainfalls caused by El Niño. The App also allows citizens to report about severe flooding and damages to the city, saving time to the municipality to collect this data and better plan their infrastructure.


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@BHUBANESWAR, INDIA // CitySaviours is a mobile App for citizens to help spot and provide information about the waste clods in the drainage that provoke floods. This information serves the authorities in the short-term as input to optimize and prioritize resources for cleaning and maintenance, while identifying infrastructure investment in the long-term.